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Portable Audio

When it comes to sound, Waves leads the way with award-winning technologies that are held in the highest regard by professionals and consumers alike. In fact, even developers of high-fidelity audio systems for the audiophile market turn to Waves to give their products an extra boost, because even premium hardware can be limited by its own physical capabilities.

Available both as licensable IP and embedded on silicon IC, Waves MaxxAudio DSP improves the clarity of portable audio systems, delivering superior sonic performance that far surpasses that of other sound solutions. MaxxAudio psycho-acoustic technologies compensate for dynamic range, frequency response and imaging limitations, while providing speaker protection – all with no additional hardware costs!

On portable systems, MaxxAudio delivers:

  • Bass extension for richer, deeper lows beyond the system frequency cutoff
  • Dazzling high frequency performance
  • Full spectrum frequency equalization
  • Volume maximization and leveling for amazing sound plus speaker protection
  • Dialog and stereo imaging enhancement for a spacious, natural sound

Cambridge Audio Minx Air


Grain Audio PWS